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Using life insurance to plan for your future.

Robert is a healthy 25 year old male who is married with two young children.  He is concerned that if his life was taken unexpectedly his wife and children would suffer for many years without his income.  He also wants to build resources for the future or his retirement years.

Robert has decided to purchase a whole life insurance policy with a death benefit of $500,000 and rather than putting the extra family funds into a savings account with little interest or playing in the market he is adding his extra funds to his life insurance premium building cash value for the future.

                                        MONTHLY PREMIUM:                     $247.39
                                        DEATH BENEFIT:                               $500,000.00
                                        CASH VALUE AT AGE 65:                 $281,956.00
                                        DEATH BENEFIT AT AGE 65:          $643,298.00

Robert, at age 65, will have $281,956.00 built up in the cash value in his policy.  With current tax laws, he can surrender his policy if he chooses and use his cash value to supplement his retirement income with no taxes to be paid on this sizable addition to his portfolio.  Not only is he planning for his future by growing non taxable income to be used in later years but in the event of an unexpected death, Robert's Family will be well cared for with a sizable tax free death benefit.

At age 45 he will have $71,035.00 in cash value.  If he and his family decided to buy a new home he can borrow from his cash value and use it as a down payment on his new home.  Maybe Robert's child needs college funds or his wife wants a new car, he can burrow from his cash value for items like these and pay himself back with interest, keeping his policy growth and death benefit in force.

Contact us for more information or a personalized quote and let us help you secure your future or your child's future.

This example is based on the insured's health, age at issue and current interest rates as of June 2016.

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